The Studio 100 Group operates four own animation studios on three continents, specialized in the production of kids & family content of the highest level. It also produces live action series and movies in its studio facilities in Belgium.

With its studios, the Group can offer full service from A-Z for creating, developing and producing entertainment content. The financing of series and movies mirrors any aspect of international, independent productions versus local approaches.

Flying Bark Productions Pty Ltd. is internationally recognised as Australia’s leading producer of quality animated film and television entertainment, ranging from pre-school to young adult. The Sydney-based full service 2D and 3D animation studio has been creating beloved children and family content since 1968. In 2020, Flying Bark Productions and Studio 100 expanded to the US with an Los Angeles based office. Flying Bark produces original IP content and client service work.

Terribly Terrific Productions specializes in quality film & television programming for young children. Founded in 1999 under the name of Little Airplane and renamed in 2023, Terribly Terrific is the award-winning creator of some of preschool television’s most popular shows including Nick Jr.’s “The Wonder Pets!”, as well as “Small Potatoes” and “3rd & Bird” for the BBC and Disney Junior.

The newly founded CGI animation studio in Munich. With workstations for up to 40 artists Studio Isar Animation will be responsible for CGI work such as modelling, texturing, shading, lighting, FX, compositing and rendering for Studio 100 Media’s film productions. In addition, it also offers its services for works commissioned by third parties and other co-productions. Studio Isar Animation had taken over the CGI works for the feature film “Maya the Bee – The Golden Orb”​ and most of the animation for the feature film “Mia and me – The Hero of Centopia”.

Studio 100 Animation is based in Paris and develops and produces audio-visual and film projects for kids and families with strong international potential and for multiple platform exploitation. Its flagship titles are “Maya the Bee”, “Heidi”, “Vic the Viking” and “Arthur & the Minimoys”, all of which are broadcasted around the world. Studio 100 Animation released the animation feature film “Vic the Viking”, co-produced with Studio 100 Media, in 2020. The latest show “Galactic Agency” was produced in 2022.