Studio 100 owns and operates popular premium channels in the Benelux, entertaining kids and the whole family with a broad spectrum of shows, series and music. The broadcasting group guarantees its viewers the best entertainment, now and in the future.

STUDIO 100 TV (Belgium)

Studio 100 TV is a Belgian TV-channel that broadcasts 24/7, available in Dutch for Flanders and French in Wallonia. It targets kids from pre-school age to young teens with programs from the different Studio 100 characters. Studio 100 TV broadcasts movies, TV-series, theatre shows, concert recordings and music clips.


Njam! was and still is the first 24/7 digital cooking channel in Flanders, launched in December 2010 by Studio 100 in collaboration with some of the best Flemish chefs. It has become one of the biggest digital-only channels in Flanders, reaching 1.7 million unique viewers per month. But Njam! is not only a cooking channel, Njam! is a cooking multiplatform with a well performing website, thousands of fans on Facebook and Instagram, an own publishing house, a popular agency for the best chefs and culinary experts in Flanders and a perfect partner for all the culinary projects one may have.